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About US - YAB

YAB “You Are Brand” was created as an expression of the eclectic approach of creative designer Samuele Parrucci, to amaze the man and woman of today with a casual shoe that is the perfect match for a strong, stylish spirit.
Offering an explosion of colours from which to choose, YAB shoes reveal your personality and betray your desire to make a splash in footwear that combines design and comfort.

All of the collections are made entirely in Italy, in our factory located in the historic footwear-manufacturing district of Macerata: every phase in the production process is the fruit of the artisanal traditions of our master shoemakers, who deal with every aspect, from the cutting of the leather to hand-buffing, thereby ensuring that the footwear can truthfully claim to be 100% made in Italy.

The company was established in 1976, when the Parrucci family decided to set up their own shoemaking business, having accumulated decades of experience working for the leading footwear manufacturers in Macerata. In 1998, the baton was passed to the new generation, before Samuele – who had cut his teeth collaborating with a number of high-profile brands – in 2009 created YAB, which is the result of time-honoured expertise and cutting-edge techniques.

YAB, you are your own brand!